Austin, Texas Commercial Real Estate Investments

Most people are well aware that the real estate market in and around Austin, Texas has taken a hit over the course of the last decade. The Global Financial Crisis has had an impact on nearly every city in the country and Texas is not immune. That said, the Bryan Kastleman team of commercial real estate professionals has worked hard to stay both positive and profitable despite the economic downturn.

Kastleman & Associates, Inc. continues to invest in properties in and around Austin, TX that would otherwise go under-served and be poorly maintained. Through investment and commitment to supporting both managing agencies and tenants of the properties, Bryan Kastleman leads his team to not only improve the living situation for residents but make progress in the improvement of the Austin Commercial Real Estate Market.

Bryan Kastleman supports the Austin, TX Real Estate Market

Bryan Kastleman supports the Austin, TX Real Estate Market

In addition to professional real estate investments, Bryan Kastleman’s staff consistently provides other buyers with support and resources to engage in real estate transactions. A host of testimonials speak to the company’s professionalism and impeccable follow-through with both buying and selling contractual agreements.

“We have worked with Bryan Kastleman and Kastleman & Associates, Inc. on a number of projects. Bryan is extremely diligent and delivers as promised. We would not hesitate to buy, sell, or otherwise participate with him on future projects”
From a partner in California with whom Bryan Kastleman has worked for many years.

Austin properties old and new increase in value thanks to Bryan Kastleman's team.

Austin properties old and new increase in value thanks to Bryan Kastleman’s team.

Bryan Kastleman and his staff focus exclusively on the investment and management of RV parks, vacation rental, mobile home communities, and multi-family properties. The organization is dedicated to the purchase, management, and betterment of these specific real estate entities in Texas. In addition, the residents benefit greatly from Kastleman’s pro-tenant and guest service model with unparalleled resident satisfaction.

Kastleman & Associates, Inc. is proud to be part of the solution, making progress to combat the Global Financial Crisis and the impact it had in Texas. Bryan Kastleman’s mission includes serving residents as well as the city of Austin and New Braunfels with a positive community impact, supporting the economic stability and long-term sustainability as well.

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