Calling All Summer Sellers!


Did you know that New Braunfels was just named the second fastest growing city in the country? That means even more real estate opportunities will soon be available in the Hill Country. But what good are investment opportunities without trust? Being in the real estate industry for over 35 years, I am well versed in the challenges and happy to help! Kastleman & Associates is currently seeking properties in all cities throughout Texas. If you have an apartment complex, mobile home or RV park that you’re looking to sell, here are the guidelines…

  • Average Deal Size: $2-15 Million.
  • Property Age: any.
  • Number of Units: Ideally, 90 plus units. Note: we are open to purchasing two or more properties owned by the same seller or smaller properties in markets that we are already in.
  • Financing: Unless it is a special situation or a really good deal, the existing debt of the property being sold will need to be paid off.
  • Average Property Type: multi-family properties, mobile home and RV parks, vacation rentas.
  • Metering: Individual or Master.
  • Fees: we generally wish to avoid fees, but we are open to negotiating.

Kastleman & Associates is highly motivated and isn’t afraid of a little hard work. Take a look at some testimonials:

  • “Bryan Kastleman is one of the most creative, hardest working, and honorable people I have ever met in business.”
  • “I successfully closed 2 multi-family transactions with Kastleman & Associates; they not only performed within the guidelines of the contract, but were very easy to deal with.”
  • “We have worked with Bryan Kastleman and Kastleman & Associates, Inc. on a number of projects. Bryan is extremely diligent and delivers as promised. We would not hesitate to buy, sell, or otherwise participate with him on future projects”

Don’t let the Summer sun go down on your real estate sale, contact me today to discuss!

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