Spotlight: Community River Cleanup Efforts in New Braunfels

The Comal and Guadalupe Rivers are a true staple to the New Braunfels community.  With thousands of visitors and thousands of dollars poured into the tourism industry every summer season, there is a lot of talk surrounding the two rivers. Despite what you may have heard in the regional mainstream media, there are multiple volunteer based efforts to keep New Braunfels clean.

Summer holiday weekends tend to bring out the biggest crowds and most litter. The Monday following July 4th the Greater New Braunfels Hospitality and Visitor’s Association (HAVA) teamed up with Leinenkugel to sponsor a unique cleanup event. Tubers floated for free all day and enjoyed free food, drink, and live music afterwards at the “Float In” in exchange for picking up trash along the way. Another similar HAVA clean up event is being planned following Labor Day weekend.

Local outfitters on both the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers also regularly lend a helping hand. Every Sunday at 10:00 am Rockin’ R River Rides staff picks up litter from the Gruene Road bridge down to the end of the river. Every Monday at 11:00 am local Comal River outfitter’s staff meet and cleanup from Texas Tubes down to the last tubers exit. These outfitters include Rockin’ R, Texas Tubes, Landa River Tubes, Corner Tubes, and Landa Falls.

There is also a local group about 100 strong that refers to themselves as the “Dads, Dudes, or Dames On River Cleanup” or “DORCs.” In addition to other outdoor based activities the DORCs kayak the Guadalupe or Comal rivers once a month, picking up full bags of trash along the way. The DORCs are also working to educate the next generation of locals about the importance of community service. Many members involve their children in the cleanup efforts in hopes of carrying on the tradition of conservation.

In conclusion, we urge you to come visit New Braunfels and experience our beloved rivers. If you do so happen to see litter please join the #KeepNBClean efforts and dispose of properly. For more information about future river cleanups please visit and like!

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